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New Year: Pledge Local

Posted by Local Llano on January 3, 2017



You’re not alone if you make resolutions for the New Year. From starting a fitness program to setting a weight loss goal to being more productive at work are just some of the many resolutions that people will make in 2017.

If you’re looking for a resolution that’s healthy and helps the community, however, then making a pledge to buy local produce and products is a great place to start. And when it comes to the Llano Estacado region, there’s plenty from which to choose.

Let’s take a look at a year-round farmer’s markets, as well as farms and those who make hand-made local products.



The Farmer’s Pantry

Lubbock’s first indoor farmer’s market, the Farmer’s Pantry is the West Texas Growers and Producers Association’s latest venture. Located at 4843 W. 50th Street in Lubbock, the Farmer’s Panty offers year-round access to the best the WTGPA has to offer – from produce (including seasonal veggies, fruits, and herbs), to eggs, dairy, cheese, baked goods, beef, pork, live plants, canned goods, and much more.

Customers have the opportunity to chat with local farmers and producers about their food and goods, including about how their produce was grown. The WTGPA is primarily made up of farmers who focus on small-scale food production.


The Farmer’s Pantry is also unique in that it uses an aquaponics system – in which waste from fish is converted to nitrate – to feed plants.



Revolution Farms

Revolution Farms is all about quality, not quantity. Started in Crosbyton in 2015 by Tabytha and Quentin Clenenden, Revolution Farms has the art of growing tomatoes down to a science. All of their tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine, instead of picking them early to make shipping them easier (when the fruit is harder and still unripe).


The Clenendens grow all of their tomatoes in greenhouses. The indoor environment protects the tomatoes from the weather’s harshest elements while also making the skin softer – which benefits the consumer. Revolution Farms has only 1,600 plants, emphasizing their commitment to quality instead of quantity.



Dirty Deeds Soaps

Family-owned Dirty Deeds Soaps offers a wide array of handmade soaps and shave accessories. The folks at Dirty Deeds hand cut every bar – no matter what size – and package every one of their products with recycled or recyclable material. Looking for groom gifts or bridal favors? Dirty Deeds will help make your special event even more special.



Wolf Creek Farms

Wolf Creek Farms operates on an acre and a half of land and produces high-quality organic produce. All of their farming methods are designed with water and land conservation in mind. They’re also “critter and bee friendly.” WCF now also sells grain-fed, all-natural beef.

And there’s more – WCF is known for its handmade laundry soap. They’ve recently revamped their soap-making formula to make it even better.


The above farms and producers are just some of the great opportunities you’ll find in the Llano Region for buying products that are homemade, environmentally-conscious and friendly, and – of course – high quality. When you buy local, you’re helping to support the entire region.